On My Own

Artist Statement:

When viewing artwork, it is interesting for me to see if I would be able to decipher and or guess what the artist meant when producing their work.  I appreciate works, which are more obvious, however my true interest comes when I see photographs or other forms of art that have a deeper meaning behind what is show.  When something is hidden, off center, or hard to notice, it intrigues the viewer and makes them want to know more, to be able to dive inside the artist’s thoughts.  This is my photographs’ inspiration and mine.  I intend for my audience to want to explore and think further.  I want them to move away, come back, and receive a completely new perception of my work.

I don’t want the viewers of my photography to have any preconceived notions, I want them to view my photos with an open mind and create their own stories.  I have been inspired by beauty, innovation, depth, variety, and creativity.  Now let my photos give you inspiration to look beyond the obvious and create.

My Images:

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