Blog Post 6: Brainstorming

For my final project I would like to make a collection of photographs with the main theme of having one object in focus with a blurry background.  I believe that this way I can create some beautiful photography while giving all of the special attention to one single object.  I will have to take new photographs for this, as other assignment photos will not work with my idea.  I plan to take photos of nature as well as other household/familiar objects.

After attempting to do that on my camera, I am noticing that it is harder than I thought to capture one object perfectly clear and sharp while seeing the background blurred.  I am noticing that when I change my settings everything becomes blurry which is something I need to work on and perfect for this project.

Below you will see some of the photographs I took while trying to figure out how to take a picture of a clear object while blurring the background.

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