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dani3455 says:

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Wonderful Job! The photograph has perfect exposure and the idea is clear.

The photo is very well lighted, having been taking on a sunny day with some snow on the ground. In the background I see Chicago’s skyscrapers with the sculpture Cloud Gate, also known as “The Bean” located in the middle of the photograph. Cloud Gate is a large reflective sculpture in the form of a bean, which in this photo shows the reflection of part of Chicago’s skyline along with the sun brightly shining. There is a giant baby girl covering the right side of the photograph. The baby appears to be giant because it is well larger than the sculpture. Towards the lower left corner there is a female adult of average size, however looking significantly smaller than the gigantic baby. Additionally, the baby is wearing pink pants and a pink shirt along with a multicolored vest. She is holding a book, appearing to be upside down, and screaming or blowing which can be inferred by the shape of her lips and mouth. The adult appears as if she is being blown away by the Godzilla baby.

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